March 6th, 2012

Plaid Shoes

Settle Down (R) Changmin/Jaejoong

Title: Settle Down
Rating: R
Genre: Romance / Sci-fi
Warning: Sex.
Synopsis: A mannequin observes what he shouldn't.
A/N: Well, clearly my love for Dong Bang Shin Gi couples hasn’t expired. Thought I’d write a short smut based on the new madmen collection released by Banana Republic. If you haven’t seen it, I have to recommend that you peruse through their selection, even if it reminds you of the things you can’t afford. The outfits coupled with the models are such a turn on. Ooooh~ And Settle Down is a song by the lovely Kimbra. 

Jaejoong turned on his heel and checked out his backside in the mirror before looking over his shoulder at Changmin. “Say. What time does this place close?”