November 14th, 2011

Looking for a fic.. HELP.

hello everyone.. i'm just wondering if anyone of you is familiar with this jaemin fic wherein Jae and Min are college buddies. one day they went into a club and Jae was approached by Eun Bi. they had sex and eventually she got pregnant with Jae's baby. Jae was also hired by Yoochun to become his boyfreind in order to make yunho suffer, since Yunho has a crush on Jaejoong. Min on the other hand, while seeing Chun and Jae interact realized that he was in love with Jae...

i remember the story. but i really cant remember the title... so please.. haha. if anyone of u knows this one.. please give me a linkie.. hehe..

thanks in advance...

[fanfic] Meow

Title: Meow
Pairing: ChangMin/JaeJoong
Length: a long drabble
Genre: AU; romance, smut, crack
Rating: NC 17

A/N: I'm using the same characters as in 'Equations'.

Summary:Formal meetings can be so stressful, but good there's someone who can ease the pressure and make you forget about everything for a while.

!: You're unbelievable.