November 13th, 2011


[Fic] Before You Go - Chapter 18

Title: Before You Go
Pairing(s): Jaemin, Yoosu (later),
Length: Chaptered 18/?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: (gang) violence, language, abduction
Genre: AU, drama, angst 
Summary: Jaejoong and his cousin have been swept up into the world of violence and gangs. The struggle and fight for his sanity is complicated greatly by the addition of a certain Shim Changmin into the mix. Will he be able to protect those he loves as well as save himself?

A/N: huu sorry for the wait!! just started working and the hours are killing me :'( this chapter is kinda a little (angst) filler... sorrie ~ plot will pick back up in 19 okie!! :D~

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Chapter 18
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Fight Inside

Title: Fight inside
Author: Jaceni
Pairing: Minjae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance, drama, AU
Warning: Yaoi, cliché theme?, mentions of Jaesu
Length: One-shot
Beta: whatifgirl86
Summary: Changmin fights with himself constantly. He fights his fears, his desires, the pain of seeing him with another... The fight inside is raging. He feels ready to explode. The pain unbearable. It’s harder to hide his jealousy, his pain. He also denies to himself that anything is happening. Yet knows that every little move Jaejoong makes affects him. He’s nearing his breaking point...

A/N: Here's the other drabble turned one-shot I'm doing. ^^ If you want to see the rest of the drabbles, here's the link. This was inspired, well, the drabble was inspired by the song called Fight Inside by Red. Like the song. ^__^ Enjoy. CU update should be next. :D Hopefully... *crosses fingers*

Changmin fights with himself constantly....