November 10th, 2011

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  • jaceni

When His Last Name Was Kim (2/2)

Title: When His Last Name Was Kim
Author: Jaceni
Pairing: Minjae
Rating: NC-17
Genre: slight Humor, Romance, drama, AU
Warning: Yaoi, Min!seme, Jae!uke, cliché theme?, maybe a little bit of crack since some circumstances leave you saying 'WTF?!' (later on maybe) XD
Length: Two-shot, this is part 2
Beta: whatifgirl86

Summary: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. At least that was what all his friends told him. Jaejoong was about to find out that that isn't always the case...

A/N: So here's the promised Prequel to Last Name. ^___^ I'm sorry, going to cut it into two parts. Second part has the promised smut, first part is mostly humor. Hm, thinking of maybe including Hosu part of the story in the sequel of Last Name since I didn't have much room for it here. Junsu's side of the story might be somewhat seen over there too. Turns out not much of Hosu or Minsu interaction made it to his prequel, so sequel it'll have to be. ^__^ Well, enjoy the last part to the prequel and stay tuned for the sequel (if you're still interested.) Enjoy. (^_^)v

Part 2