September 21st, 2011

[FIC] Crash

Title: Crash
Pairing: MinJae
Genre:AU, smut, angst, romance
Length: drabbles

Summary: Jaejoong tries to let himself go and loses his mind.
warning : Might be a bit of a mindfuck in the beginning? When I say drabble, I really mean short-short piece of work. ! For you, it might be character’s death, though I don’t see it that way.

(Radiation Day)

[Fic] Fragile Destruction

Title: Fragile Destruction

Author: pain-is-ecstasy

Fandom: JYJ/DBSK

Pairing: Jaemin, Jaeho

Genre: Angst, drama, horror

Rating: NC-17

Length: 1/2

Summary: Changmin's detective work is about to bring down the biggest ganster in seoul but he finds out that sometimes the badguy is going to win because he's not afraid to hurt the ones ou love. Can he save his boyfriend Jaejoong in time from the gansters cruel hands or will he lose him to the bitter taste of justice?

Author note: For [info]reya13 who is my reya chan and i adore her. only for her would i write when i have been on a hiatus :P here's the beginning darling. hope it piques your interest.

Now my pet, lets have some fun
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  • jaceni


Title: Possibilities
Author: jaceni
Pairing: Minjae
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, PWP?, slight romance?
Warning: bondage, Au-ish, seme!Min, uke!jae, yaoi, reluctance, cliché theme?
Beta: whatifgirl86
Length: one-shot

Summary: I calmly walked through our Mirotic set in my costume for today's shoot of the video, a sleeveless white t-shirt and black pants with white sneakers. I wondered where everyone could have gone, since the lights were dimmed and everything was silent...

A/N: Hey everyone. This is a thank you request one-shot I made for kawaiipinkpig for all the requests she completed that I gave her. Hope you liked it and that it's somewhat what you requested. ^^ Everyone enjoy (and sorry if it disappointed anyone ^_^).

My steps echoed in the spacious room, a sense of foreboding assailing me suddenly as I walked closer to where I'd be shooting my scene; I could feel my heart rate speed up the closer I got to it. For some reason I had a sense of anticipation... a nervous sort of energy... coursing through me that I couldn't explain...