August 6th, 2011


[Fic] Before You Go - Chapter 5

Title: Before You Go
Pairing(s): Jaemin, Yoosu (later),
Length: Chaptered 5/20?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: (gang) violence, language, abduction
Genre: AU, drama, angst
Summary: Jaejoong and his cousin have been swept up into the world of violence and gangs. The struggle and fight for his sanity is complicated greatly by the addition of a certain Shim Changmin into the mix. Will he be able to protect those he loves as well as save himself?

A/N: Back to present time. Switching POVs back and forth, sorry!! TT

Prologue|Chapter 1| Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4

Chapter 5!!
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  • jaceni

Caught Unaware II (5/?)

Title: Caught Unaware II
Author: jaceni
Pairing: Jaemin, minor Hosu
Genre: Slight Angst, Romance, AU
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Yaoi, smut, reluctance, psychotic behavior, slightly dark, Kink: bondage, toys, dirty talk
Length: Chaptered (5/?)
Beta’s: whatifgirl86   & sandcest_lover  

Summary: He’d finally caught him, but what to do with him now? The boy was more stubborn than he’d initially thought, but he’d crack… they all did… eventually.

Chapter 5