May 21st, 2011


Moon Thief [Chapter I]

Title: Moon Thief
Author: DragonMelodies
Pairing: JaeMin (main), Yoosu (much later)
Rating (for chapter): pg
Length: Chaptered (1 / ?)
Warnings: newbie writer, physical abuse (not this chapter later)
Genre: Angst, Fluff, super-natural
Disclaimer: I do not own DBSK (if I did there would still be 5 members), I only own the plot.
Summery: Wings like an angel. A doomed life of suffering. That was until he came. Two lonely souls meet and set out to reach their dreams, but as always there are certain obstacles in the way. Will they make it, or will they fall out of the sky? Nothing is certain in this life.

enjoy, comments are loved ^.^

( Chapter I : The New and the Historic )
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Prophecies, Chapter 7

Chapter VII


Author: DaraDaraDara12
: JaeMin
: G
: Supernatural, slight dark (or so was I told)
: Nope...

Summary: The Last One will be Male. This will be the Warning. Should he die, all of his Branch’s Hope shall vanish. To prevent his Branch from wilting, the Last One shall find a Receptacle and entrust it with his Magic and Soul. By this Sacrifice, the Last One shall save his Branch and refrain it from disappearing in the World-Where-All-That-Was-Is. The Last Ones will be Males. This will be the Warning. Should they all die, should all Branches wilt, Magic will be lost forever.

– The Oldest Book of Ancient Witchcraft, Prophecies

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