May 18th, 2011

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Fairies and What?!

Title: Fairies and WHAT?!
Author: Jaceni
Pairing: Minjae, implied 2U
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Supernatural, slight humor
Warning: M!Preg, smut, cliche
Length: Chaptered (6/9+Epilogue)
Beta: whatifgirl86 

Summary: Jaejoong was ready for his mate, even if his chosen mate didn’t realize the commitment he signed onto. Will his mate accept him?

Chapter 6
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Minnie's selca !

online now!

title: online now!
pairing: jaemin (main), yoomin, yunjae (side), yoosu (later)
rating: pg-13
warning: profanity, sexual content, cyber-bullying; un-beta, newcomer
genre: angst, fail!crack, romance
disclaimer: i do not own TVXQ. if i did, they'd still be one, ne?
summary: five friends just recently turned into high school students. they have now set their goals into their future, but what they do not know is the obstacles that are preventing them to. conversations full of happiness, hatred, friendships,betrayal, and love. what will happen by the time senior year is here? will they still be friends like they promised to be?
a story that is told through their conversations in text, emails, & IMing.

Previous Chapters : Character Analysis + Chapter 0.5 / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

Chapter 3