May 16th, 2011

TVXQ : Yunho U-Know
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Two things:

1. Does anyone remember a fic (it's reeeaally old iirc) where Jaejoong is snooping around Changmin's room and I think sees porn on his laptop or something and Changmin walks in. They get awkward around each other (though Changmin is pissed) and I'm pretty sure Changmin kisses Jaejoong. Then Jaejoong gets all flustered and whatnot, and runs to Yoochun who gives him some advice (I can't remember what). I think there's a scene where Changmin and Yoochun are in the kitchen and Yoochun gives Changmin advice too, just before he kisses him. Actually, I can't remember if he kisses Jaejoong or Changmin (or Jaejoong and Changmin) but he does it to see what's so special about kissing them. That's about as far as I got in the story (I'm almost positive it's a multi-part fic).

2. Wow this comm is a mess o.o Or is that just me? :/


Hello everyone... can i make a request? can someone write a JaeMin fic based on Confession (changmin's solo)?

i dont know. i just read the translation of it earlier and i thought it would mae a very good angsty fic. hehe..

thanks =)
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Honey senpai~

Please read!!!!!!!

Okay, after seeing so many people commenting on this comm's messiness, I started to look more into he situation.I've felt that since I saw this comm for the first time, it was way too unorganised. Which made me upset because jaemin/minjae was my very first Yaoi otp ever. So I felt that I had to look farther into this. After trying to contact saranghae the supposed mod/owner of his comm since 2006. It came to my attention that the last time saranghae posted in her own journal was march of 2010, And the time before that was december of 2008. This mist mean she is not able to get on livejournal itself, let alone the comm. I feel we shouldn't antagonise her for anything; she probably has personal issues that are preventing her from getting on the comm. Since im not too knowledgeable on this part, I'm asking if I may be able to contact lj and request for and ask to be a maintainer or mod here, an anyone else who truly wishes to help out, to clean this comm, especially since my summer break starts next week. Thank you. :)


Hi guys..!

Am...I really like the song Extraterrestrial (ET) by Katy I would like to request if anyone could do a chapter fic of it..It must be a MinJae... ehehe..^____^ It would be so hot if Min is the mysterious ET and Jae is just an ordinary person... can anyone do it for me pls?
*puppy eyes*

I have an idea in mind:
Jae is a human that got lost into Min's world (I don't know how or why XD) and everyone in Min's world are ETs. Min is so ignorant and so new about creatures like Jae. Then they fell in love but with many obstacles...blah blah..all are just based from the song..ahahaha...but I'll leave the fic all in the writer's mind..I'm not really good at writing fics..especially when it's (too) long and too futuristic.. kkkkk

here's the link of the song and video.

Anyone with wild imagination and crazy writing skills? I'll wave the Jaemin/Minjae banner for you.. ^____^

P.S (I do NOT mind smut) XD

Changmin and Jaejoong          hopefully, a Million thanks to anyone!!!!! ^______^
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Fairies and WHAT?! (5/9)

Title: Fairies and WHAT?!
Author: jaceni 
Pairing: Minjae, implied 2U
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Supernatural, slight humor
Warning: M!Preg, smut, cliche
Length: Chaptered (5/9+Epilogue)
Beta: whatifgirl86 

Summary: Jaejoong was ready for his mate, even if his chosen mate didn’t realize the commitment he signed onto. Will his mate accept him?

Chapter 5
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