May 1st, 2011


So I've never requested anything before...
Please suggest fics (preferably oneshot) that are below NC-17 and the plot goes from thinking that it's unrequited love to requited love (or from hidden crush to revealed crush). Thank you! :P
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An Unexpected Surprise

Title: An Unexpected Surprise
Author: jaceni 
Pairing: Jaemin
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, AU, slight humor, slight angst
Warning: Genie!Jaejoong, yaoi
Length: one-shot
Beta: whatifgirl86 

Summary: Shim Changmin was a worldwide renowned archeologist that discovered the ancient tomb of Xiah Junsu in South America. This historic event brought him to the front page news of several important journals across the world. But there was something Shim Changmin kept secret, that nobody could force him to tell…

A/N: After much delay, here’s the third thank you one-shot. For asiangoddess010 . ^^ Hope you liked what I came up with for your genie Jaemin couple prompt. ^_^

Ideas for the Genie came from ‘Aladdin,’ ‘I dream of Genie’ TV show, and some other fic’s I’ve read, but mostly it’s my adaptation to what I think a Genie is. There are some unbelievable facts in the story, but this is fantasy genre, so just pretend it could happen. ^^ Enjoy!

Here is another oneshot ^_^
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Prophecies, Chapter 6

Prophecies, Chapter IV

Author: DaraDaraDara12
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: R for this chapter!!!
Genre: Supernatural, slight dark (or so was I told)
VERY R!!!!! Nothing funny happening in there.... Can't tell more or I'll spoil myself....

Summary: The Last One will be Male. This will be the Warning. Should he die, all of his Branch’s Hope shall vanish. To prevent his Branch from wilting, the Last One shall find a Receptacle and entrust it with his Magic and Soul. By this Sacrifice, the Last One shall save his Branch and refrain it from disappearing in the World-Where-All-That-Was-Is. The Last Ones will be Males. This will be the Warning. Should they all die, should all Branches wilt, Magic will be lost forever.

– The Oldest Book of Ancient Witchcraft, Prophecies

Read me!!!

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