April 12th, 2011

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 Pairing: MinJae

Genre (s): Drama, Angst?

Length: 5 (?)-chaptered ficlets (1/5)

Summary: A summer vacation with friends is fun; and Shim Changmin confesses his love for his best friend, Kim Jaejoong.

A/N: This story is based on my experience during my summer trip with friends. The first night was crazy, and I was a witness when a close friend of mine confessed his love to another close friend of mine. It was a sad moment but I found it so touching that I had to write a story of it. Well…there are some parts I edited. ^^

Shim Changmin will be taking the role of my male friend, M…while Kim Jaejoong will be taking the role of my female friend, Z… ^^

This story is a 3rd person POV. (The 3rd person is basically based on what I witnessed and my observation)

Pls. excuse my errors… ^___^

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

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