April 9th, 2011

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Broken Trust

Title: Broken Trust
Author: Jaceni
Pairings: Minjae, implied Jaesu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, AU, gangster/mafia characters, implied rape, slightly dark, character death, smut
Genre: Angst, Action, Drama, Romance
Beta: Whatifgirl86
A/N: For crimson_miharu ^^

Summary: Betrayal is always hard, but when it comes from the one you love and trust the most… it’s enough to kill.

Here it is ^^
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Prophecies, Chapter 4

Prophecies, Chapter 1V

Author: DaraDaraDara12
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: G
Genre: Supernatural

Summary: The Last One will be Male. This will be the Warning. Should he die, all of his Branch’s Hope shall vanish. To prevent his Branch from wilting, the Last One shall find a Receptacle and entrust it with his Magic and Soul. By this Sacrifice, the Last One shall save his Branch and refrain it from disappearing in the World-Where-All-That-Was-Is. The Last Ones will be Males. This will be the Warning. Should they all die, should all Branches wilt, Magic will be lost forever.

– The Oldest Book of Ancient Witchcraft, Prophecies

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