March 19th, 2011

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Intertwined Destinies (4/?)

Title: Intertwined Destinies
Author: jaceni
Pairings: Jaemin, Hosu, slight Yoosu
Rating: NC-17 (eventually at least^^)
Warnings: Supernatural!werewolves, AU, Min!seme, Jae!uke, slight(?)Angst, slight(?)Dark/Horror, AU
Length: Chaptered (4/?)
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fluff, Humor
Beta: whatifgirl86

Disclaimer: Just own the plot. Similarities to any other stories is a coincidence, please let me know if that’s the case. ^^

Summary: Fog surrounded Jaejoong from all angles. How did he get lost? All he wanted was to go to the bathroom and since everyone was asleep he didn’t hear any human sounds. He should’ve stayed closer to the campsite. One wrong turn had him falling down a steep slope he hadn’t seen because the moon was covered by clouds. Picking himself up, he suddenly noticed a tall figure a few feet away.

Shim Changmin was born a werewolf. Full moons are a nightmare, since transforming isn’t a walk in the park, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about the safety of his mate, but that’s only because he doesn’t have one yet. He pities, yet is secretly envious, of werewolves that have found their other halves. He doesn’t want to be tied down yet though. All that changes when he meets a human in the middle of the woods...

A/N: Hey everyone. If you're interested in my story, feel free to track it from my journal by it's title. I won't be posting future chapters here anymore, but will be continuing this story on my journal. Thanks for reading. ^_^

Chapter 4
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two worlds collide ; pt 1

title: two worlds collide
pairing: jaemin , pastminsu, others will come a bit later
genre: romance, angst
warning: newbiewriter, un-beta
summary: a famous korean pop singer and an unknown dancer meet. touching shoulders is a form of fate. really?

Part 1
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Prophecies, Chapter 1

Prophecies, Chapter 1

Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: G
: I've got too much imagination...

Genre: Supernatural

The Last One will be Male. This will be the Warning. Should he die, all of his Branch’s Hope shall vanish. To prevent his Branch from wilting, the Last One shall find a Receptacle and entrust it with his Magic and Soul. By this Sacrifice, the Last One shall save his Branch and refrain it from disappearing in the World Where All That Was Is. The Last Ones will be Males. This will be the Warning. Should they all die, should all Branches wilt, Magic will be lost forever.

– The Oldest Book of Ancient Witchcraft, Prophecies

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