February 24th, 2011


[one-shot] haven't you heard

 Title: haven't you heard
Pairing(s): Jaemin.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: AU, language.
Genre: fluff.
A/N: No beta, all mistakes are mine own. Part of much delayed birthday gift for ashleyjanee  
She totally owns the idea of Jaejoong dressed up as a prince and Deadpool and the Marvel people own the "I have a boyfriend" line, although I had to change it a bit to adapt to the context. Electric pants are from the IT Crowd.
Summary:  the last part of Wishful Thinking series. He’d never thought that someone else’s wish coming true could make him this fucking happy.

kiss; cellphone; phoenix; anniversary; click, click, boom; innocent; candy hearts; wish
JYJ Junsu is the s**

[FIC] Denial of love

Title: Denial of Love 
Authors: Peach_gerl16 and attentionseekin
Pairing: Main: JaeMin, Others:  JaeChun, HoSu maybe others
Genre: AU
Length: chaptered
Summary: "Behind their hatred, there was once happiness, in between it is their denial."
AN: Many of you have probably forgotten about this story… that’s totally my fault~ T_T
AN2: has not been beta… sorry in advance for grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 4