February 6th, 2011


hello...i'm still a beginner of writing fics...
and it's my first time posting a fic in LJ
since i'm still new here...
after listening ti JYJ's Pierrot, Nine and W
and HoMin's How Can I..?
I managed to write this fic...
I hope it's alright... ^^
I'm so sorry for some mistakes..

Pairing: OTP5 (jaemin, yunjae, jaechunsu, yoosu, jaechun, homin)
Disclaimer: I own no one
Summary: It all started with a lawsuit.

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hello all :)
I want somebody help me T.T
Does anyone can give me the link for " A Song for XX " by " timbong " ?
I want to read it, but the link is not work~

Thank you before..Please help me :D

P.S : Found this!! Yess!! Thanks to aponny !! :)
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