January 22nd, 2011

Jaemin Blackly blacklytoxxik

ROCK‘in LOVE chapter 3

Title : ROCK‘in LOVE
Authors :[info]ithilbein & [info]blacklytoxxik
Pairings : Jaejoong/Changmin (main), a lot of other pairings.
Rating : PG to NC-17 (depends on the chapter)
Disclaimer : Despite the fact we'd love to own them, it only happens in our dreams and fics. Enjoy.
Genre : music fic, fluff, romance, smut,  etc.
Sumarry : Music is an international language and a Musician first love. It gathers people, unites them but also splits them.

Notes for this chapter : PG-13, JaeVi (as Jaejoong/Miyavi)
Word count : 2787

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2

NEW! Chapter 3 : "I told you not to kiss me in public...."