January 10th, 2011

The sweetest trick

 Title: The sweetest trick (sequel to What Changmin wants)
Pairing: Jaemin
Rating: NC-17 *gasp*
Genre/warning: mainly smut, a bit romance, a bit fluff, rough sex, gag and bondage, spanking…*gasp*
Disclaimer: Urg… If the boys were mine, Jaemin’s definition would be SMUT!!!

Summary: Love is when you fall for every single trick that he creates but you can never hate him for that.

Spoiler: Jaejoong gave Changmin what he wanted, and he even added some ‘extra prize’ for his bratty lover. It’s just smut, what to say more?

Word count: 3138

A/N: I finished this ages ago , beta-ed by xchaotic_heartx  , as usual♥ but it was so embarrassing that I diddn't dare to post >"< just tell me what you think okay, pretty pretty please, hope it isn't too bad >"<

Such a delicious looking ass… yummy~~~