January 7th, 2011

Help! Seaching for fics

Annyeong haseyo

Can anybody here help me? I'm searching for these fics, oneshot and chaptered stories. I read them awhile ago but unfortunately I cannot remember who the authors are.

1. The plot is about Changmin being poisoned and each member had to kiss him to save his life. I think this one is either ot5 or JaeMin and it's oneshot if I'm not mistaken.
2. The plot is about Changmin who lost his virginity to Jaejoong after getting drunk. They're friends and Jaejoong likes Changmin but Changmin doesn't feel the same way. I vaguely remember if this one is oneshot or not.

3. The plot is about Changmin being a prince and he likes Jaejoong but Jaejoong doesn't like him back. I think this one is chaptered one.

This is what I remember so far. I really hope that I can find these fics because I want to reread them. Reply please.

Found all fics thanks to jaceni and windapaoline and haizul.