August 10th, 2010


The lurker brings a fanfic

Hi guys! ^.^ I've been lurking around here for a while now, but never post anything. Even though I've written about... three? JaeMins. I'll give as much fanfics as possible! *salutes*

Title: Stars
Rating: Hard PG-13
Pairing: JaeMin
Warnings: Angst, and you may harbor a desire to kill the author
Summary: They were the perfect couple. But now Changmin was gone. And Jae Joong's left behind.

we both need to accept

Fic: Heartbeats

Title: Heartbeats 6/6
Pairing: JaeMin
Author: Radioheading
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Series
Genre: Supernatural, AU, Romance
Warnings: Yaoi, Vampire!Changmin
Summary: Jaejoong is a normal university student. Changmin is not. They meet in a club, and it's more than chance that's setting events in motion.
A/N: So....I couldn't stop writing. It just wouldn't shut off. This is the end of this verse, but I'll be starting a YooSu story soon :^)

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Title: Ghost of Love
Author : waiting4_moon
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : AU, Shonen-Ai
Summary: Vacation is coming! Changmin wanted to explore a haunted house, and Jaejoong had a secret plan on it!

Note : This story based on one of thousand yaoi manga scan I’ve ever read, hehehe.... I forgot who's the mangaka and the real title n_n . I'm sorry if there's some mistake for my bad English. But enjoy it!

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