July 26th, 2010

Hair Like Snow (Oneshot)

Title : Hair Like Snow
Pairing : JaeMin
Genre : Angst, Romance
Rating : PG
Summary : Changmin loved Jaejoong, loves Jaejoong and will always love
Words : 1350


another fail fic from me...I hope you guys won't mind to read it.. Always, comments are loved. :)

Jaejoong is Pretty

Title                     : Jaejoong is Pretty
Pairing               :  JaeMin, Yoosu
Genre                  :  Fluff, Crack
Rating                 :  G
Summary          :  Yoochun told Jaejoong that he is pretty.

Words                 :  786


Comments are loved... :D

Fanfiction: Chasing for love CH. 2

Tittle: Chasing for love 2/?
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU/general/romance/a bit of fail humor xD
Summary: Suddenly there's 18 years old boy invading hardworking Jaejoong's peaceful life. After too much time spend together Jaejoong thinks that it can't continue. But he didn't know HOW stubborn this guy can be.
A/N: Whoever did read this, sorry for the long update ^^; Jaemin action will be bit bit later btw^^

1st Chapter
2nd Ch. “Um…So...Am I…?” but he couldn’t continue. He just didn’t know how, he suddenly felt shy. Never in his life has he called himself son or even child of someone.
  • yceam

[FIC] Shelter

Title: Shelter (one-shot)
Author: yceam
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17 (mature content, detailed sex)
Notes: i'm back baby! like for real! *jumps around* so here's to all of you who are kind enough to wait for my creative muses to come back again, hehe. thank you everyone!  

and yeah, i know you'll be hinting about chapter 9 of shelves of passion so...hang in there tight!

(It was on the third thunder that the electricity had gone off.)