April 21st, 2010

Sun and Stars

[Fic] One Touch Love

Title: One Touch Love
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Drama, Romace, Smut
Warning: Swearing, violent!smut

Summary: Jaejoong and Changmin were soulfighters in every single way, causing trouble for everyone around them. The DBSK members wanted to solve the problem through extreme counsiling; Jaejoong wanted to solve the problem through murder. However, it was the snarky maknae who knew what the real solution needed to be...rough, violent sex.

But I love you much more than I hate you

Don't Hate Me 1/5?

Title: Don't Hate Me 1/5?
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin, Jaejoong/Yoochun BFF-ery with benefits
Rating: eventual NC-17
Disclaimer: Mine? Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Damn it.

Warnings: ... um, possible incest and a tiny bit of pedophilia if you really want to think of it that way

Summary: Senior year of high school, Jaejoong's mom gets married. But a new, quiet step-brother isn't going to distract Jaejoong from what's important. Right?

Part 1: Getting to Know You )

Fanfiction: Chasing for love

Tittle: Chasing for love
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Length: Chaptered, 1/?
Genre: AU/general/bit of angst/romance
Summary: Suddenly there's 18 years old boy invading hardworking Jaejoong's peaceful life. After too much time spend together Jaejoong thinks that it can't continue. But he didn't know HOW stubborn this guy can be.
Discl.: Unfortunately or fortunately I own only the plot in this story, nothing else ;]
Warning: Insecure writer? xD
A/N: Ah...the terrible summary...I didn't know what to write not to give too much away ^^; I'm so nervous xD I really hope you'll like it. :)

After a moment of silence man told him to go sit in his car. Still being scared he obeyed, watching as the man locked car from outside and left.