January 25th, 2010

Midnight Romance (10/10)

Title: Midnight Romance
Pairing: JaeMin, SuHo, JunChun (JunhoxYoochun)
Rating: R
Warnings: Rough Sex, Slight Angst, Language, Vampire’s
Summary: It was supposed to be fun; it wasn’t supposed to mean anything. But it did, and they fell in love. Now, secrets will be revealed and pasts uncovered in one unraveling moment…but will it be enough in the end?
A/N: Here you go, the final chapter! xD Haha, I almost thought this would never come, since it just kept getting longer on me, but here it is ^^ I’m sorry it took so long, but if you read the post in my journal before I F-Locked it, I had some things going on that I needed to focus on first, and I was starting to feel as if I was obligated to update for you guys, and wasn’t enjoying writing as much. But now that I’ve taken a much needed break, I’ve come to finish this for all you guys xD Haha, I hope you guys enjoy the final part of ‘Midnight Romance’, and please remember to tell me what you thought ^^

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