December 27th, 2009

Midnight Romance (3/5?)

Title: Midnight Romance
Pairing: JaeMin, SuHo, JunChun (JunhoxYoochun)
Rating: R
Warnings: Rough Sex, Slight Angst, Language, Vampire’s
Summary: It was supposed to be fun; it wasn’t supposed to mean anything. But it did, and they fell in love. Now, secrets will be revealed and pasts uncovered in one unraveling moment…but will it be enough in the end?
A/N: Next part a day late, sorry >.< but I released a double update! This and Demon’s! *is proud xD*Anyway, I hope you like it~ Smexing in this, but it’s pretty brief and not my best >.> I’ll make it up to you guys in the final part though xD (maybe >.> LOL) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy, and please tell me what you think (and remember to go vote on my poll! Just go to the tags and press poll and there you are xD)

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