December 20th, 2009

Midnight Romance (1/4?)

Title: Midnight Romance
Pairing: JaeMin, SuHo, JunChun (JunhoxYoochun)
Rating: R
Warnings: Rough Sex, Slight Angst, Language, Vampire’s
Summary: It was supposed to be fun; it wasn’t supposed to mean anything. But it did, and they fell in love. Now, secrets will be revealed and pasts uncovered in one unraveling moment…but will it be enough in the end?
A/N: (Please ignore the lame, cheap romance novel sounding title >.>) Okay, so, this took me a while longer than anticipated >.> MinSu is my forte and I’ve never done JaeMin before so this is a first for me ^^ Anyway, this is for [info]reya13. I really hope you like it bb ^^ Also, this was supposed to be more angsty than it turned out, and it also probably won’t be too many more parts, 3 at the most (I have most of it written already). So, like I said, I hope you guys enjoy it and please tell me what you think ^^

Midnight Romance - Part 1 )

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