December 4th, 2009

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[Fanfic] In the Dark {Chapter 6: Close Encounters}

Title: In The Dark {Chpt. 6: Close Encounters}
Author: Roxy (lady_monochrome)
Pairing(s): MinJae, YunJae, YooSu, HoSu, Yunho x Boa
Length: Chapter 6 of 15 (subject to change)
Word Count: 7,329
Genre: AU, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological
Rating: R
Warning(s): Serial murder, explicit crime scenes, fucked up sociopathic individuals, drug abuse and prostitution.

Summary: Young Detective Shim was awarded in his short successful career with a major crime investigation. A series of murders have been terrorizing the citizens of Seoul and it’s up to him, and his team, to solve the crime before more people could fall victim to the vicious killer.
A/N: It took me a good deal of time last night but I managed to finish it!! Yay! I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it! As I told some of you in the comments on Chpt 5 I had my finals this week so I had little time to write. But alas here it is. Chapter 6. Please enjoy ^__^

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