November 5th, 2009

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[Fanfic] In the Dark {Chapter 2: The White Lotus Killer}

Title: In The Dark {Chpt. 2: The White Lotus Killer}
Author: Roxy (lady_monochrome)
Pairing(s): MinJae, YunJae, YooSu, HoSu, Yunho x Boa (It’ll make sense later on.)
Length: Chapter 2 of 15 (subject to change)
Word Count: 5,218
Genre: AU, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological
Rating: R
Warning(s): Serial murder, explicit crime scenes, fucked up sociopathic individuals, drug abuse and prostitution (and just a tiny hint of het for those of you who deem that a warning.)
A/N: Let’s play ‘spot the camo appearance’!! lol AND Ladies and gents! We finally get to see our missing duckbutt! Please enjoy this one ^__^
A/N2: I forgot to mention the time frame and the ages on which the characters are based. I did make some pretty character profiles but I won’t release them all just yet. For this chapter I will release two of the profiles. Just know that Changmin is the youngest of the main characters, from there on you can imagine about how old the rest are in this story until I release the rest of the profiles.

Summary: Young Detective Shim was awarded in his short successful career with a major crime investigation. A series of murders have been terrorizing the citizens of Seoul and it’s up to him, and his team, to solve the crime before more people could fall victim to the vicious killer.



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