April 25th, 2009

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drive my soul; oneshot

title: drive my soul
pairing: jaemin
length: oneshot; 1078 words
rating: pg
part of: the ‘anypairing’ challenge
dedicated to: chelsea[info]fluffmuse with love from jenny[info]mrsedjack
a/n one guh. ;o; i feel so rusty. i wonder if i’ll even be able to remember how to post this, i haven’t posted a fic for so long. this is loosely inspired by jaejoong's DUI incident back in 2006. i hope it isn’t too disappointing!
a/n two: in case anyone are wondering what the ‘anypairing’ challenge is. XD it’s a challenge i’ve set for myself, where i will attempt to write a oneshot for every possible pairing in the dongbang fandom. (yes, includes jaeho and homin and minsu too). this is the first – the others will come. :)
lyrics taken from: light’s ‘drive my soul’; listen to the song here.


you make the streetlights reappear.