April 1st, 2009


Fated Twisted Life 10

Title: Fated Twisted Life
Pairings: JaeMin, HoMin, HoSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: 10/?
A/N: I’m here!! YATTA!!! First scene, italics are Jaejoong’s thought. * As always, comments are very very very much <333~ JaeMin luvin for all~ Enjoy~~
Warning: Un-beta-ed = horrible English. Please forgives my mistakes. *bows*
Summary: Jae and Min are the bestest bestfriend ever until Min unconsciously falls for Jae. Confused Jae torn between Min and Chun. At the same time, Yun is aiming for Min’s heart. Will Jae managed to realised his feelings before it’s too late?

“morning breath stinks”

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Last Days (Chapter 2)

Chapter Two

Title:  Last Days
Author:  brilliessence
Pairing(s):  JaeMin
Rating:  NC-17/R
Length:  Chaptered Until Complete
Warning:  Violence, Language, Smex
Summary:  In the year 2901, things are different with the government tight in strict control; for freedom, Kim Jaejoong and Shim Changmin are bound together.  Then, Changmin saves a child from a consuming fire, and without the money to pay for his hospital damages, he gives away his life in order to protect the one he loves.  However, his love at first sight would do anything to get rid of him- until he stumbles upon Changmin's journal.
Previous Chapters: (Chapter 1)

( "Finished.  Alive.  And whole." )