March 9th, 2009

柳 : not your average hime

No Show Fee: 21. Time Restriction [JaeMin, JaeHae, YehHae; DBSJ]

No Show Fee : 21. Time Restriction
dong bang shin ki / super junior | JaeMin, JaeHae, YehHae
PG-13 - NC-17 / drama, angst, humor, romance
They say love waits. But the question always is, until when? Jaejoong and Donghae face more questions about things they think they should stop thinking about. And while everyone drowns in their own thoughts, Yehsung gets someone who's willing to hold his hand.

( “I’m not sure I understand, hyung.” )

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Faded Vibrancy

Title: Faded Vibrancy

Author: Aznmen (lol remember me?)

Pairing: JaeMin, one-sided YunJae

Genre: Angst (warning: character death~ yes I’m back xD)

Summary: I won’t forget the sight of Yunho’s heart crumpling right in front of me, or the screech of my own as it broke. But most of all, I won’t forget Jaejoong’s smile as he took my hand and whispered, “It’ll be alright.”

It all happened so suddenly...

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