February 8th, 2009

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[Chapter One] Sweet Revenge, Sweet Love, Sweet Irony

Title: Sweet Revenge, Sweet Love, Sweet Irony
Author: kissthecoffin
Pairing: Jaemin, YunJae, JaeSu and more ^^;
Summary: When a bitter Changmin finds an unconscious and almost dead Jaejoong, a headstrong delinquent, gets in over his head in a fight and ends up unconscious on the brink of death in between the apartments owned by Shim Changmin, the son of Korea’s richest man and a member of one of the most famous bands in Asia. When Changmin recognizes him from their school days, he decides to take him in and nurse him back to health, but not for free, of course. Changmin’s revenge for Jaejoong’s treatment of him in the past? Of course, Jaejoong will become his personal [s]sex[/s] maid.
Warnings (for now and later): Rape, sadistic Changmin, language, male-cross dressing, smex (later) and a newbie writer. :P
Story rating: PG13 to NC17

SHINee: jjong came
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TITLE: The Air From Higher Places
SUMMARY: Angst. Char death. i'm sorry for doing it again T-T
DISCLAIMNER: I don’t own them, I just watch ;]
sucky title. whoa.

TITLE: The Strength to Say I Love You.
RATING: R (i live for the day that i can write PG)
SUMMARY: angst? It all started when Changmin walked into the piano room one day.
DISCLAIMNER: I don’t own them, I just watch ;]
He always hates it when Jaejoong notices him and the song stops.

TITLE: untitled.
SUMMARY: Min's a whore? Sex? iunno.
DISCLAIMNER: I don’t own them, I just watch ;]
A/N: um.

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Teach me the ways of love-Chapter 4

Title: Teach me the ways of love, even if it is a taboo
Pairing: JaeMin, YunJae & YooSu (later on)
Others: Super Junior
Rating: PG (contains some coarse language)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: A handsome, tall young man with an incurable disease + A beautiful, ice-cold tutor who leads a painful, two-faced life = unpredictable Chemistry. One that cannot be found in a Chemistry textbook.
Chapters1 2 3 4
A/N: Credit goes to heartless156 , my lovely, supportive JaeMin sister who created this beautiful wallie for me~!!

Denial (Ch. 4)