February 7th, 2009

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Teach me the ways of love-Chapter 3

Title: Teach me the ways of love, even if it is a taboo
Pairing: JaeMin, YunJae & YooSu (later on)
Others: Super Junior
Rating: PG (contains some coarse language)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: A handsome, tall young man with an incurable disease + A beautiful, ice-cold tutor who leads a painful, two-faced life = unpredictable Chemistry. One that cannot be found in a Chemistry textbook.
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A/N: Credit goes to heartless156 , my lovely, supportive JaeMin sister who created this beautiful wallie for me~!!

Dark Angel (Ch. 3)
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Title: Dark Chocolate
Author: dooyoo
Pairing: Jaemin, Sumin, Jaeho, and more to be revealed later ^^
Teaser: Changmin's new guardian drives him crazy turning his once comfortable lifestyle upside down. 
Story rating: G to NC17 - This chapter: PG15

Authors Note: It hasn't been even one day since I've posted chapter seven. Aren't you guys proud of me? ^^ I hope you enjoy! 
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