January 27th, 2009

The DarkSide Of Love

Hello there!! this is my first post here...hehe

Title: '
The Darkside of Love'
Author: </a></a>star_drop8 </b>
Length: unknown; ongoing series of oneshots
Pairing(s): dbsk pairings (various)
Genre: Horror/angst/eerie(??) undecided haha
Rating: pg (for the most part)
Summary: The title: 'The DarkSide of Love' would represent part of the theme of my oneshots in a sense where death would be the result... I mean, how exactly strong can love be? To die for, or to come back to life for... in my oneshots you will read of sacrifice ...death...the dead coming from the grave...all of this under the influence of love. But, the title might change if I can come up with a more 'fitting' one. Now...when I say this will be horror...I don't mean the type of horror that will have you scared to sleep at night lol no I am not capable of writing like that..but it would be the type that just give a teeny weeny chill down your spine..(or maybe not) lol hehe...but trust me. It is anything, but happy.
**a/n: Special thanks to my friend YUNJAEx3 from winglin who made this poster *hehe*
Title: Skeleton in the closet
Author: shycapri8
Length: oneshot
Chatacter/pairings: Jaemin
Rating: pg
Genre: mild horror(??) ??
Summary: a deathening secret is exposed. I mean, everyone has atleast one skeleton in their closet, but who would've thought it'd really be one there?

Click here to find the skeleton in the closet===>

My Merry Xmas.(+)Crack.(-)'The Merry'.

Title: 'My Merry Xmas.(+)Crack.(-)The 'Merry'.'
Author: star_drop8 
Length: *An excerpt from my story (title given above) which includes the featured pairing(mentioned below)
Pairing(S): HInt(?) of Jaemin
Rating: G
Genre: Well the story itself is crack. But this small excerpt is crack with a hint of fluff (i suppose) and maybe hints of seduction...??hmm..it's actually up to you ^_^
Summary/quick synopsis: Well first off i don't know if this should be called a drabble?? or be left as an excerpt since it's from my story that i'm currently working on. it's (the story) not posted on my journal yet but since this is a jaemin community, i thought i'd post this little jaemin moment here...
Okay Changmin wants Jaejoong to cook for Christmas. But, because of what he told Jaejoong previously (which was that Jaejoong could let him starve when Christmas comes), Jaejoong refuses to give in to Changmin's needs. So Changmin decides to try some tactic on Jaejoong, hoping it would change his mind.
**a/n: for one, i believe changmin is buddhist (if i'm not mistaken), and jaejoong is atheist (if i'm not mistaken); maybe i'm wrong but i'm not sure if this may offend anyone being that i don't know if those two celebrate xmas...but i could've sworn that they have on many accounts...but this is a fanfiction so i hope this doesn't cause any misunderstandings ^_^. if so, then this may be deleted. ^_^

-"So, hyung, what are you going to make for Christmas?"=====>