July 13th, 2008

Sweet Dreams
  • sum3r

Reluctant Bride

Title: Reluctant Bride

Author: Sum3r

Pairing: Jaemin + YoSuYun

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Plot is mine and the characters too. ( *snort* only the plot then I guess D: )

Summary: Changmin is forced to enter Kyung Nam’s all-boys school’s pageant contest as a result of his stubborn boyfriend. Jaejoong is fixated on Changmin wearing a wedding dress. Throw in some meddling friends, hidden pairings and a deep dislike of lace, and you have yourself one reluctant bride.

Because I haven’t written JaeMin beyond BoY and because my readers asked for smut (since it’s been so long) I give you this. Don’t even ask me how it happened; just blame my muse. ^^~

[Part One] [Part Two]
[only know my voice] kiri

The Subtleties of Voodoo (Some Say Love)

Title: The Subtleties of Voodoo (Some Say Love) 
Author: kayjayloves
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Jaemin
Genre: drama/romance
Rating: PG
Warning: cussing xD
Disclaimer: 'fraid I don't own these loves.

But – “Need help?” and even though you can do it yourself, (you’re not a kid) you let him crouch down, tongue between his teeth as his hands work. Loop, twist, knot.

For eviel_bubble  <3 The lovely prompt she gave me has been incorporated straight into the piece. 


"Lovin' You" - Chapter 14

Title: Lovin’ You
Author: despair26 @ livejournal.com (wordsofdespair)
Rating: R (Language, Angst, Abuse, Smut)
Pairings: YunJae, JaeMin , YooSu
Summary: Jae Joong is not sure whether he wants out of his abusive relationship with Yun Ho or not. When they move to a new city to start University together Jae Joong makes new friends much to the disapproval of Yun Ho. Will Yun Ho ever understand his lover or will Jae Joong find love somewhere else?
Disclaimer: Don't own them and I how they are portrayed in the fic is not what they are like in real life. I hope.
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Chapter 14
The space in between us disappeared in a matter of mere seconds, Changmin’s dry lips crashing against my own with an unnerving force. I pulled back to catch my breath, chest heaving as Changmin looked at me, brushing my hair out of my eyes and leaning in to kiss me again.