May 9th, 2008


Fic - From One

I should have been asleep two hours ago. XD But! I just had to finish this up. :3 I hope you enjoy it!!

Title: From One
Author: alohdark/hashirigakisuru
Rating: HARD R/NC-17
For: g_aria, as she loves Min's electric guitar gigbag.
Note: Unbeta'd per the usual for me. :3 Title comes from the song of the same name by the group Engu, who are awesome. Both bands mentioned in the fic are real, and I highly suggest you check them out!

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The Summer Closest to Heaven; In Sunshine and In Shade; Marionette [Ficlet]

the summer closest to heaven.
jaemin; pg; general
just a little gift for drunk_ed for her birthday. some sort of sequel to 'high tide, low tide'.
jaejoong buys changmin ice creams, and gets a ferris wheel ride in return.

in sunshine, and in shade.
jaemin/ot5; pg; general
i wrote this a while back, and realized that i've never posted this up in here.
yunho likes to think.

jaemin/implied!minsu; pg; au/angst
same as above.
jaejoong stays up for changmin every night. just because.
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[NC-17][Oneshot] - All the Sins in the World

Title: All the Sins in the World
NC-17 for adult themes and some boy!touching/kissing etc.
I do not own these boys. <3
Slight angst, fluff.
Word Count:
n. Love: The best and worst of it all
Author's Notes:
This! Is the most EPIC one-shot I’ve ever written. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long! But seriously, I’ve never tried to write one like this before. (Not to mention my consistent writers block >.<)
Un-beta'd, so all mistakes are mine.

(“You can’t have ‘em if you can’t catch me!”)
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They sing, sing, sing. [DBSJ; Various Pairings; Drabbles]

title: They sing, sing, sing.
author: yumeyana
fandom: dong bang shin ki / super junior
pairs: various
rating/genre: PG-13--up/ sap, drama, angst, romance

o1. i just called to say--. jaejoong x yehsung.
o2. the sun shouldn't shine so bright. junsu x yunho.
o3. we're doing nothing and everything. yoochun x jaejoong.
o4. --my words are caught in this song. jaejoong x yehsung (companion to #1).
o5. no room for waiting. heechul x yunho.
o6. fall with me just in case. jaejoong x changmin.
o7. before the curtains open. leeteuk.
o8. parachutes don't work here. heechul x hangeng.
o9. disco lights blind me. yunho x junsu.
10. make me believe again. yoochun x junsu, jaejoong's pov.

o1. words are nothing but letters. hyukjae x junsu.
o2. peter pan wings and childhood dreams make us. hyukjae x junsu (companion to #1).
o3. all the right words are somewhere between here and there. jaejoong x changmin.
o4. no stage names allowed. leeteuk x yunho.
o5. memory gaps. jaejoong x yoochun.
o6. take a few steps back before you fly. jaejoong x junsu.
o7. there's goes my thief. jaejoong x yehsung.
o8. call me teddy. jaejoong x changmin.
o9. you make me wanna dance. hyukjae x junsu.
10. hypotenuse. siwon x hangeng.

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Metaphorically Speaking

Okay, well... since it's my first time posting here, I'll keep my note short. Basically I fell in love with your group and couldn't resist posting something that's been lurking around my computer for a while now. So yes, drabble-abound.

Metaphorically Speaking
Author: Hanabi
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: Fluff
Summary: JaeJoong decides it’s about time for him to learn a new type of dance.

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