May 8th, 2008


"Lovin' You" - Chapter 12 (Part 2)

LOVIN’ YOU - CHAPTER 12 (Part 2)/?
Title: Lovin’ You
Author: despair26 @ (wordsofdespair)
Rating: R (Language, Angst, Abuse, Smut)
Pairings: YunJae, JaeMin , YooSu
Summary: Jae Joong is not sure whether he wants out of his abusive relationship with Yun Ho or not. When they move to a new city to start University together Jae Joong makes new friends much to the disapproval of Yun Ho. Will Yun Ho ever understand his lover or will Jae Joong find love somewhere else?
Disclaimer: Don't own them and I how they are portrayed in the fic is not what they are like in real life. I hope.
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Chapter 12 (Part 2)
“I love you Yunnie, I’ve always loved you, only you...” I murmured softly, sniffling through my own tears as I knelt by his side, placing my hands on his shoulders.
柳 : not your average hime

No Show Fee: 07.d. Maximum Stay Requirement [JaeMin, JaeHae, YehHae; DBSJ]

title: No Show Fee : 07.d. Maximum Stay Requirement
author: yumeyana
fandom: dong bang shin ki / super junior
pairs: JaeMin, JaeHae, YehHae (YooSu, KangTeuk, etc.)
rating/genre: PG-13/ drama, angst, humor, romance
summary: They say love waits. But the question always is, until when? Words are powerful and ChangMin doesn't realize what his has done to Kibum. Or what someone's voice could do to him.

( “Min.” And Kibum’s voice was almost pleading but ChangMin didn’t hear him anymore. )

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