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"Admittance" Part Two / "To Know When To Jump"

Title: To Know When To Jump / Second part to the one-shot series "Admittance"
By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: PG-15 (small sexual scene)
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Disclaimer: All stories told in this are works of fiction and are in no ways related to the true DBSK boys or SM Entertainment.
Summary: Jaejoong is wanting to get closer with Changmin, but he just doesn't know how he will do it. A game he plays will lead him to finding out more about his "innocent" partner.
(Sorry I suck at summaries >.<)

Hope you all like it, this is my first time writing JaeMin fics, so please, be nice! I hope you all enjoy my writing! ^_^

To Know When To Jump

Jaejoong stood in the kitchen, his hand holding a spoon which was stirring a pot of stew, the contents filling the room with a delightful herby fragrance. Changmin stood nearby, leaning against a door jam watching his beloved cook. Jaejoong turned and smiled at how affectionately Changmin stood and watched him. It had been about 3 months since Changmin had admitted to Jae his love for him. They loved being a couple, and everything they did was now covered in smiles and toped off with kisses. The only thing they hadn’t done yet was “consummate” the relationship; they hadn’t even been close to it. Jaejoong had wanted to after the first full night of their relationship, but he didn’t want to scare Changmin away, he was still young after all. But Jaejoong couldn’t help but feel sexually attracted to his boyfriend, who wouldn’t, Changmin was tall, had long muscular legs, a nice chest and abs, and the thickest mat of black hair that was just too shiny for its own good. Half of Korea already wanted a piece of him, and Jaejoong didn’t feel like sharing anymore. He wanted a part of Min that no one else could ever have, no one else would ever see, but him alone.
Looking back at his stew brewing on the stove, Jaejoong pulled a small bit of the thick liquid broth up to his mouth for a small taste, the thick flavor of basil and chime flowing over his taste buds. He thought it was good, but wanted a second opinion, enter, Changmin the food slave.
“Minnie, could you come taste this please? I am a little worried that I put too much basil in it.” Changmin smiled and pushed off the door jam to walk over towards his apron clad boyfriend. Dipping the spoon back into the pot, Jaejoong brought it precariously up to Changmin’s pink lips, blowing away the steam billowing from the surface. Once in his mouth, the stew’s hearty flavor burst on his tongue, and Changmin’s face burst into a smile.
“It is delicious Jae…just like anything you make.” Changmin said, covering his mouth with his hand in courtesy. Jaejoong, too horny to resist, pulling Changmin’s hand from his mouth, replaced Min’s hand with his lips. Chanmgin’s eyes went wide at first, surprised by Jaejoong’s immediate reactions, soon closing with the intense pleasure that was coursing through his body at the intimate touch of Jaejoong’s lips.
Pulling away, Jae looked up to Changmin’s face, trying to read his facial reactions. Looking down at Jaejoong, Changmin giggled, blushing,
“So, what was that kiss for?” Jaejoong ran his hand down from Changmin’s neck, where it was once resting, over his curved back and down to his perky butt, fingers splaying and grabbing at the jean covered flesh.
“You looked too cute right then, I couldn’t help it. Can’t a boy kiss his boyfriend?” Jaejoong asked as his right hand still kneaded Changmin’s rear as the other stirred the stew consistently.
“Yes, you can and may anytime you want.” Changmin stated as he also moved his hand to Jaejoong’s lower back, palm rubbing the sensitive spot just below Jaejoong’s spinal cord. Kissing each other once again, Changmin moved away, stating he had homework to finish, and reluctantly left his boyfriend’s side, walking slowly towards the room they both shared. Jaejoong sighed loudly as he heard the door to their room shut quietly, and suddenly the kitchen not as warm as it once was.
Jaejoong knew he desperately wanted to have some kind of sexual relationship with Changmin, but really had no idea on how he was going to initiate it. Afraid that if he just asked, “Hey wanna do it?” one night, Changmin may run away from him, afraid of what may happen. On the other hand, Jaejoong didn’t want to wait too long, in turn making himself and Changmin more than a little sexually deprived. Thinking it over some more, Jaejoong finally came to the conclusion that now was the time to act on his feelings, but maybe not by just asking. He had to lure Changmin in, like a fish to bait, making him need, no, crave the food he was offering. He was going to play a game, the game of seduction, see who makes the first move. Jaejoong planned the whole next day out, and he knew that by the end of tomorrow, Changmin would be butter in his hands.

The next morning, Changmin and Jaejoong woke at 5am, needing to head to dance and dress rehearsals for their upcoming concert as Dong Bang Shin Ki. Knowing they were all going to a practice, Changmin did not get too made up, simply dressing in jeans and a t-shirt, short hair combed and shoved beneath a beanie hat. Even then, Jaejoong thought he looked completely ravishable, but Jaejoong was not going to take the same chance with his looks. It wouldn’t have worked with his plan. Pulling on some incredibly tight black jeans and a tight black t-shirt, Jaejoong stepped out in front of Changmin who was putting on a sweater for the car ride. Looking over at Jaejoong, Changmin smiled nervously, asking,
“Why are you wearing that to a rehearsal? You are going to get really warm.” Jaejoong internally smirked, that was exactly what he was hoping for, to get something warm, preferably not himself. He knew he was going to get hot in the outfit, which was also one of the reasons he wore it, so he would get so hot he could take off his shirt later without too many people questioning his actions.
“I won’t get too warm…unless,” Jaejoong said while wrapping his left arm around Changmin’s sturdy shoulders. “You come too close to me today.”
Changmin scoffed at the random comment, pushing Jaejoong’s face away from his playfully.
“You are so full of it!” Changmin gushed as he grabbed his duffel bag and slowly walked out the door, turning around to glare at Jaejoong before completely disappearing behind the plank of wood. Checking himself in the mirror one last time, Jaejoong finally felt he was ready for the seduction to start getting into full swing.

“Gosh, it’s hot in here!” Jaejoong gasped as they finally got a chance to take a break from all the strenuous dance routines. Gulping down a swig of water, Jaejoong watched as Changmin did the same, the movement of his swallowing throat oddly erotic, as a small trickle of water dripped down Changmin’s neck. Jaejoong shook his head, his mind now full of erotic thoughts, which wasn’t good for concentration. Setting his water bottle down on the floor, Jaejoong slowly took off his shirt, his muscles rippling in protest to his movements under his tan skin. Looking from under his hair in the mirror, Jaejoong caught Changmin’s wide eyes staring longingly at his bare back, now completely visible to all who were around. Standing up, Jaejoong walked casually towards Changmin, as if nothing was different, and smiled up his wide orbed mate.
“How are you feeling? I am so pooped right now; I can’t wait for practice to be over so we can go home.” Jaejoong said, his tongue accentuating the word home, trying to bring the visual of their bedroom into Changmin’s mind. Changmin nodded nervously as he eyed Jaejoong’s bare chest, the muscles shiny with sweat.
“Whatcha looking at?” Jaejoong asked, knowing full well what Min had been staring blatantly at. Raising his head, Changmin stuttered,
“N-n-nothing Jae. Just looking at the…uhm…floor.” Smiling Jaejoong replied while walking away,
“Aw, too bad.”

As Jaejoong walked away, Changmin shook his head, trying to hide his laughter. He knew what Jae was trying to do; it was so obvious that it was almost painful. Jaejoong never took off his shirt unless there were cameras or they were alone together, never just because he was ‘hot’. Changmin knew Jaejoong was also having a little trouble with starting off their ‘sex lives’ together, since neither of them really knew what it was like with a man. Jaejoong was no virgin; he had had sex with plenty of girls, but never with another guy, and definitely not with another sort-of virgin guy. He also knew that 3 months was a long time for a guy to wait, and he did want to have sex with Jae, he just didn’t know how to ask.
Considering that that was probably the reason for Jaejoong’s odd behavior, Changmin decided to play a little game of his own. He wasn’t as inexperienced as Jae thought, so he should show him a taste of his own medicine. Walking over to Jaejoong, Changmin slightly brushed his arm against Jae’s, motioning towards the bathroom down the hall, trying to keep an angry look on his face. He wanted Jaejoong to think he was in trouble with him somehow, and that is why he wanted to talk with him. Shrugging to the other guys, Jaejoong followed his comrade to the bathrooms, not knowing what he was going to get.
Once he entered the marble bathroom, he felt a hand pushing him back up against the door, and a pair of lips pressed firmly against his own. The kiss intensified as Jaejoong opened up to Changmin, both their bodies on fire from the intimate contact. Pulling away Changmin looked with mischievous eyes down at his boyfriend, a smile covering his face.
“What?” Jaejoong asked of Changmin, a confused tone escaping from between his lips. Changmin smirked evilly, his voice flowing deep and lustful out from between his red lips.
“Why didn’t you just ask me?” Changmin asked as he unbuttoned the metal link holding the tops of his ridiculously tight jeans on his sensuous body.
“I was afraid you would be…” Jaejoong choked as Changmin slowly slid the zipper of his jeans down to its starting point. “I was afraid you would be scared of me if I did ask.”
Changmin smiled even more as he slowly slid his hands under Jaejoong’s underwear, finding what he had been looking for.
“Well, Jae, I am not as inexperienced as you think I am. I wouldn’t have been afraid had you asked kindly.” Changmin whispered as he pumped his hand up and down, Jaejoong’s face contorting in pleasure as he tried to come up with a response.
“How…how…how would you be experienced? You have never had sex.” Jaejoong inquired, his words sounding a little funny in his lustful haze.
“You know that porn story I told you I had made up.” Changmin asked as his hand starting moving faster. Jaejoong nodded his reply, too concentrated on Changmin’s hand taking him to the peak of pleasure.
“Well, it wasn’t made up…that is where I learned everything I know.” Changmin answered as Jaejoong screamed his name in completion.

“The story wasn’t made up?” Jaejoong asked as he regained his conscious mind after the mind blowing orgasm he had just gone through. Changmin, smiling, helped Jaejoong clean off the mess on both of their shirts and hands.
“Yep…but I only watched a few, not like I watch one everyday or something. I have stopped watching them lately.” Jaejoong nodded, his face contorting into a smile.
“So, what was all that about anyway? Why did you make such a big deal out of me not just asking you?” Jaejoong asked as Changmin finished washing his hands.
“I don’t know, just instinct I guess. I just went with my gut feeling, and my gut feeling said that you and me should have sex.” Jaejoong laughed hard at Changmin’s response, Changmin going red from his partner’s cries.
“You mean to tell me, you just felt like dragging me in here and giving me a hand job? No questions asked?”
“Yeah!” Changmin shouted his voice echoing off the marble walls. Jaejoong chuckled at this; this is why he loved Changmin so much, he was way to honest for his own good.
“God Changmin, I love you so much you know that!” Jaejoong said as he kissed Min’s forehead.
“Well, I know now.” Changmin said as they kissed once more and went back to rehearsal, treated with the cat-calls from their band-mates. After that they made up a rule, to never again have sex in an echoing bathroom.

Tags: author: p, genre: humor, genre: romance, rating: pg13
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