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Keep Me Coming Back

Title: Keep Me Coming Back
Author: Perriwynkkle
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG-13 (will increse)
Warnings: Some refrences to teh bumpity bump bump
Disclaimer: I do not own DBSK or will I ever...sadly...I wish I owned Changmin...but I don't, so dont' sue me, I don't have any money.
Summary: After 2 years of no writing or talking to each other, Jaejoong and Changmin meet again, but not purely by coincedence.

I do not know how to make a double post in one, so if anyone could mention how you go around to doing that, it would be much appreciated! THANKS!

Keep Me Coming Back

Part One

It was early Sunday morning when Changmin awoke to the sound of a fist pounding at his door’s wooden surface. So used to being a celebrity, he first thought of rabid fan girls, but since he hadn’t been in the lime-light for quite some time, that situation was practically impossible. So then who in their bloody right mind would be knocking on his door at 3am? Changmin rose slowly, not wanting to leave the warmth of the bed, and groggily walked to the front door, not really caring who may be on the other side.
Slowly opening the door, the cold night air whooshing around his bare legs, Changmin took in the sad sight. There was his old band mate, Jaejoong, soaking wet from head to toe, his usually rosy lips a pure purple, his arms clinging onto his shirt, trying to achieve warmth. Changmin had noticed it had started to rain before he headed off to bed at around midnight, and it was still the middle of February, so what the heck was Jaejoong doing walking in the rain?
“H-H-H-Hi C-c-c-changmin….how have y-y-y-you been?” Jaejoong asked, his teeth chattering from the icy air swirling around his temples and into Changmin’s warm house.
“Come on in Jae; come on, before you really catch a cold.” Changmin said as he opened his door wide, letting Jaejoong step cautiously into the foyer. Shutting the door behind him, Changmin grabbed the skinny man’s shoulders, leading him to the nearby white leather couch.
“Sit here,” Changmin wrapped a heavy wool blanket around the shivering shoulders. “I will go and make you some hot chocolate and get you into some dry clothes.” As Changmin walked around a corner, he shook his head.
‘Why did he just show up at my doorstep like that? He looks horrible, his face looks so pale.’ Changmin thought to himself as he started to heat up a pot of water and bring down the cocoa mix. While the water heated, Changmin rummaged through his drawers, bringing out a pair of pajama pants and a long sleeve t-shirt for Jaejoong to change into.
“Here,” Changmin said to the lump on his couch. “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes or you will catch hypothermia.”
“How do you know I don’t already have it?” Jaejoong asked, smiling faintly. Changmin shrugged, helping Jae out of his wet t-shirt.
“Well, let’s just hope you don’t have it, and wish for the best.” Toweling Jae’s wet hair before slidding the dry t-shirt over his still well-muscled chest and the shinning nipple piercing. Turning around so Jae could change his pants, Changmin asked, “Jae, why the heck are you here? And for god’s sake why are you soaking wet?” Hearing Jae sit down on the couch again, Changmin turned around to face his once friend.
“Changmin…I haven’t seen you in so long, 2 years isn’t it? You look really good. Have you gotten taller? Have you been working out?” Jae asked, fisting the quilt to circle his body tighter. Changmin stared in disbelief at is hyung, amazed that he was avoiding answering the question.
“Hyung! Answer my question please. I would like to know why you just suddenly appeared on my welcome matt! Especially after not talking to me for over 2 years!” Changmin said as the tea kettle in the kitchen started to sing. Going to get the water, Changmin made up two cups of hot chocolate and sat down next to the now pinker faced Jae. Taking a sip of the chocolate, Jae turned his head toward his younger comrade.
“Well, to be honest, I just was wondering around, I had heard of where you lived from Yoochun, and so, I tried to find your place. I got lost in the process, cause you know me, totally clumsy and forgetful. But anyway, so I got lost and I have been wandering around for about 6 hours when the rain starts. Just my luck to get caught in a storm right! So, I..”
“Jae.” Min intruded. “Where are you going with this?” Changmin’s brown eyes looked strait into Jae’s, and soon Jae turned away from the handsome face.
“I…I don’t want to tell you.” Changmin rolled his eyes at his hyung’s response, it was so childish. Changmin guffawed, his annoyance showing.
“Jae, you may stay the night, I have no problem with that, I would like to know the reason why you are blessing me with your presence sometime soon okay!” Jae smiled and nodded his head, and Changmin stood up to head back to bed again.
“Shower is the third door down the hall to your right; you will find clean towels and soap if you would like to warm up some more. The couch is all yours tonight, I am sorry to say that all I have extra is the blanket around you. But if you need anything else, just call me okay? See you in the morning.” Soon Changmin disappeared behind the mahogany door, leaving Jae to his thoughts.

Part Two

Stepping into the steaming shower, Jaejoong felt instantly better by the insistent massaging water droplets hitting his cold and white skin. Sighing into the steamy air, Jae couldn’t have been any happier, but also the most confused. When the band had broken up, every one of the members went their separate ways, Junsu becoming a successful soloist, Yunho becoming a dance teacher, Yoochun going back to America, and Changmin becoming a voice trainer for the SM Entertainment’s future generation of pop music sensations. Jaejoong really had no idea what he was going to do with his life after DBSK, it was his life being in the band, he had known nothing else. He knew he had a lot of money, so he didn’t have to work, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do. For a while he tried becoming a solo act, but he got so nervous on stage he realized he couldn’t do it, at least not now. He also tried becoming a teacher, but that also failed since he didn’t feel like going back to school. So for the past two years, while everyone was getting good jobs and winning auditions, Jae was stuck in a rut of his own creation.
That wasn’t the only reason why he was so depressed either. One of the main reasons was that, while the band was together, they had all become a family. Now that family seemed to no longer exsist aside from the once-and-a-while letters that arrived in his mailbox. A large portion of his heart had torn up when the group disbanded, and mostly because of Changmin. Ever since training camp, Jae had had a slight crush on Changmin, which kept growing until the peak of their career, when Jae’s puppy-crush for his younger band-mate turned into love. He really had fallen hard for the kid; everything about Changmin seemed to make Jae’s usually stone face turn up into a smile. There wasn’t a day that went by that Jae didn’t look forward to spending with Changmin, teasing him, taunting him, maybe being so playful as to pinch a bit of his perky butt cheeks. As the time flew by, they all grew older, and so did their contract with the management giant SM Entertainment. The group decided to split up after 13 years of dedicated work and fan service, and it was a long and tearful goodbye. At first, Jaejoong had no idea how he was going to live without seeing his beautiful Changmin, and this thought had scared him half to death. He swore to himself he would find someone else, a girl that was way better than Changmin. So he dated, and dated, and dated, the girl’s all beautiful and kind, but paling in comparison to the boy he once shared his life with. Never in all the years that passed, did Jae write or call Min once, afraid of the response he may have received.
After a while, Jae soon couldn’t take the emotions any longer. Calling up Yunho, the only number he remembered, Jae found out Changmin’s address, which he had lost many years before. Making up his mind, Jae grabbed an apple, and headed out onto the streets of Seoul, on the mission to find the love of his life, sadly a storm slowed his process down, and he eventually ended up where he was now. In the shower, the mist growing ever thicker, and his skin finally flushing pink.
Changmin had no idea what kind of ride he was in for in the next few weeks. Jae had planned this for the past two years, his getting back together with Changmin. Jae knew it was not going to be easy, for Changmin was a hard shell to crack, but if anyone could do it, he could.
Shutting off the water, Jaejoong stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and standing in front of the mirror. He may not be as defined as he was back in the Rising Sun and O days, but he was still one hot piece of ass. Jae ran his hands through his wet, black hair, the water droplets falling onto his pale white chest.
“Come on Jae, you can get him…he just needs a little persuasion from the calls of the wild.” Jae whispered to his reflection in the mirror, all of a sudden feeling a little insane. Jae had noticed that when Min had opened the door all he was wearing were boxer shorts. It took all of Jae’s energy not to jump him right there in the rain on the foyer. He had looked so delicious, all sinewy muscles and long legs tan from years in the sun and tanning salons from the band days. Jae had just wanted to lick all the way up his body from head to toe, but he figured, doing that at your first meeting after not talking for two years, probably wouldn’t go over well. So Jae had kept to himself, not touching anything on Changmin’s delicious and juicy body.
Even though he knew touching wasn’t allowed, he was not limiting his viewing pleasure. Seeing that cute bubble butt walk around the apartment would suffice…at least for the next couple of days.

Hope you liked it! Please comment, I really like to know what people think!

Tags: author: p, length: oneshot, rating: pg13
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