missfujoshi2 (missfujoshi2) wrote in _starcandy,

Rusty nail

Title : Rusty nail
Pairing : Jaemin (main), Homin
Rating : PG-15 (to be safe)
Length : Oneshot
Warnings : Incest, also… swearing
Summary : Jaejoong has lost his right leg after playing with rusty nails. Changmin, his older brother who was supposed to watch him, never forgave himself and took care of him ever since. Jaejoong is in love with Changmin, and keeps it a secret, until he notices Yunho, his doctor, is harboring new feelings for Changmin.
Author's note : I tried something different : a play, but I'm not sure it came out good. I hope you like it !

Tags: author: m, genre: alternate universe, genre: general, length: oneshot, rating: pg13, with: yoochun, with: yunho

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