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Possessively Jealous

Title: Possessively Jealous
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Idea: This set of pictures from SMent's 2015 Halloween Party.
Warning: Un-beta'd
Summary: Jaejoong was a patient guy. That is, until he saw pictures on his twitter feed of the Halloween Party that SMent was throwing.

A/N: I was in the darkest part of my depression and self harm the past two weeks and just this morning, right before studying for my Organic Chemistry exam, I logged onto Facebook to check for any updates, and I saw pictures of Changmin in his Halloween costume and was frustrated with what I saw. Then my Changmin muse who had disappeared without a clue, suddenly popped out of nowhere and demanded that I write something. So here I am, after almost two months of writing nothing. Happy early Halloween, everyone!!

"Don't tell me you're going as the Joker again, are you?"
Tags: author: m, genre: general, length: oneshot, rating: pg13
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