Eclipse of Paris ♥ (serendipitycm) wrote in _starcandy,
Eclipse of Paris ♥


So first off, I really don't know if this is allowed on this comm so if it's not, dear Admins I apologize in advance and feel free to delete this entry.

Ok back to the fic search, so I was looking for some JaeMin fic recommendation these past few days and I noticed that the fic "Of Watermelon Lipgloss, Espionage, and a Pair of Sparkly Purple Heels" is always recommended a LOT. But unfortunately for me, the author already deleted her livejournal account ㅜㅜ
So I was wondering if any of you know how can I contact the author of the fic and if she ever allowed for her works to be distributed? Does anyone has a copy of it? ㅜㅜ I really really want to read it... Thank you so much in advance for whoever can help! ^^
Tags: ! questions and requests

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