owned_by_a_cat (owned_by_a_cat) wrote in _starcandy,

Prophecy | Pt. 9 Interventions

Title: ProphecyProphecy, a TVXQ / JaeMin fanfic by OwnedbyaCat
Rating: R
Pairing: JaeMin
Genre: Mystery, Romance, AU
Poster: Minimal Design Poster Shop
Summary: Fate has means of getting her way. For over eight years, Kim Jaejoong has been outrunning a prophecy. Long enough to start thinking that he might have escaped. Only to meet his fate on a crowded Tokyo street when he saves the life of pop idol Shim Changmin.

From the beginning: Fate's Intervention | Fate Denied | Enshrined | Shadows and Assignments | Hate and Pain | Peril | Sleep | Morning |

Part 9: Interventions
In this chapter: Junsu has a few choice words for Jaejoong. Changmin discovers the secret meaning of lyrics and Yunho exercises his persuasion skills.
Tags: author: o, genre: alternate universe, genre: romance, length: chaptered, rating: pg13, with: junsu, with: yunho

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