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The Bartender

Title: The Bartender
Pairing: MinJae
Length: oneshot
Genre: Fluff,romance,general
rating: pg-13
Warning: some not-so-innocent scenes
Summary: Changmin doesn't like clubs.Yet he always makes it a point to go to a particular one.Of course,not for drinks.

'The regular one,isn't it,Mr.Shim?',the bartender asked the tall,striking man in front of him.

'Yep.The same',replied the other one.'And stop calling me 'Mr.Shim'.I told you you to call me Changmin!'.

'Ok.Changmin-ssi',said the bartender,placing a glass of sparkly drink in front of Changmin.

'And drop the formality'.The bartender just smiled. Changmin took one sip of his drink and sighed in satisfaction.

'This is perfect!Like always!That's why I like coming here.Thanks,Jaejoong-ah!',Changmin said.Jaejoong smiled at him,cleaning up glasses.Changmin watched him work.Cleaning glasses,tumblers,whipping up drinks as requested.The delicate,pale hands moved swiftly while mixing,just a pearly blur.Like a true proffesional.It was one of the reasons Changmin came here to this club.To watch Jaejoong work.

'Well,I am glad you like the drinks I whip up.Otherwise why would a rich corporate person come to such a lowly bar',Jaejoong said,grinning at Changmin,who just chuckled.He couldn't just tell the bartender that he came here to stalk him.He had first seen Jaejoong when his friends had decided to drag him to this rather messy club.He had vowed not to enjoy a single moment.Until he saw Jaejoong.He was mesmerised by the bartender and was awestruck by how expertly he handled the swinging and juggling.But more than that,it was his smile that melted Changmin's heart.And to this day,he came here almost everyday.

Right now,the music in the background was growing louder,indicating midnight. More and more people were going on the dance floor,to dance the night way.All joined the dance floor,until only Changmin,Jaejoong and one utterly drunk fellow were left at the bar.They watched the dance floor silently.

'You are not going to dance?',Jaejoong asked.

'No',Changmin said,sipping his drink.

'Why?Didn't find anyone to your liking?',Jaejoong asked,resting his elbows on the bar counter.His shirt's top two buttons were open,showing a delicious view of a very sexy collarbone.Jaejoong had left the buttons open,as it was too warm inside the bar.But he had not even an inkling of the effect his exposed collarbone was having on Changmin,who was restraining himself with great difficuly from jumping on Jaejoong.

'That girl over there looks quiet hot and pretty',Jaejoong murmured,nodding at the dance floor. The mentioned girl was indeed pretty and she was definitely throwing Changmin rather suggestive hints. Changmin just raised his eyebrows at her and turned away.

'Not my type',he said coolly,draining his drink.He looked at Jaejoong who had turned around to wash his glass.Changmin's eyes roamed over the Jaejoong's back,covered by a snow-white shirt and a black sparkly waist coat which accentuated the small waist so beautifully.It looked so touchable and ...squeezable.

Changmin was staring shamelessly at the angel-like bartender.Silky,brown hair,large eyes,a cute nose and red lips.Plump,cherry lips waiting to be eaten.A petite,small frame,a beautiful neck,slim legs and small, shapely ass.Walk like a feline and voice like a bell chime.Sweet and melodious.Changmin licked his lips unconsciously,eyes like a predator.Fixed on the prey.

Jaejoong turned around again,wiping the counter and tidying everything up.The club would be closed in an hour.And he still had to change into his normal clothes.

'How about you,Jae?You find anyone?',Changmin asked. Jaejoong thought for a moment before shaking his head.

'No.No one in particular',he answered.

'Then how about you hook up with me?',Changmin said,suddenly pulling Jaejoong closer by grabbing his collar.His breathe tickled Jaejoong's ears,making him shiver slightly.His large eyes grew even bigger,as his brain registered Changmin's words.He was still in such a state on surprise that he didn't even notice Changmin coming up behind the counter to stand in front of him.

Changmin kissed his plump,nectar-like lips softly.This seemed to wake up Jaejoong,who blinked at Changmin,before smirking slightly.He grabbed onto Changmin's suit jacket,bringing him closer to him,just a few millimetres of space betwwen them.

'Are you trying to flirt with me,Mr.Shim?',Jaejoong whispered sultrily.'If you are,then it is working perfectly'. Grinning widely,Jaejoong let go of Changmin's clothes.But Changmin had other ideas in mind.He grabbed Jaejoong and pulled him closer to him,their chests touching.Chnagmin could smell the intoxicatingly sweet vanilla scent of Jaejoong.

'I told you not to call me Mr.Shim'.

Saying this,Changmin crashed his lips on Jaejoong'a,kissing him fiercely.He bit down on Jaejoong's lips, earning a muffled yelp from the smaller man.Jaejoong parted his lips and a tongue battle began. Jaejoong was so busy in kissing that he didn't notice his waist coat being taken off along with Changmin's suit jacket. They pressed on eagerly, wanting more and more.Jaejoong let out a small gasp and was pulled into reality when Changmin bit his collarbone,leaving a mark.

'Wh..what are you doing?',Jaejoong asked,panting a bit as Changmin continued to nibble his throat.

'Getting you hooked onto me',Changmin whispered,blowing on Jaejoong's hot,hickey-laden neck.

'B...but...others may..ahh..see..ahhh!',Jaejoong moaned as Changmin licked the sensitive spot on his throat.He tilted his neck a bit,so that Changmin can get more access.

'Who cares',Changmin said as he pushed the bartender on the floor of the bar.He loomed over the petite frame,tearing away the snow white shirt to reveal silky skin of an unbelievably beautiful pearl texture.He let out a low whistle,as he traced his finger lightly over the milky,flawless skin,creating goosebumps on it and making the beautiful man squirm a bit.

'You are so beautiful,Jae.I just want you as mine.I like you Jaejoong. Very much'.

Saying this,Changmin kissed the smaller fellow passionately.This kiss,though as passionate,was also as full of meaning and tenderness. Jaejoong's fingers curled into Changmin's hair,back arching a bit as he pushed his head back,deepening the kiss.He moaned softly into the kiss, making Changmin ravage his already abused lips even more brutally.He trailed his hands on Changmin's hard chest,slowly unbuttoning his shirt.He broke the kiss,gasping for air and looked into Changmin's dark,lust-filled eyes staring ravenously at him.He went a faint pink,but let out a small smirk.He pulled down Changmin's head,before whispering into his ear.

'...If that is so.....then make me yours,Mr.Shim'.

lolz..Jaemin is not my OTP.....but I adore the couple so much!!!!!>///<
this is my very first JaeMin..or well..MinJae story..^^...i wrote it as a challenge by someone..XDD
Tags: author: s, genre: general, length: oneshot, rating: pg13

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