Chelsea (fanficaddiction) wrote in _starcandy,

Submissive Behaviors

Title: Submissive Behaviors
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: PG-13 | Dominant and Submissive aspects
Summary: The confusion is too much and the frustration is killing him. Jaejoong wants to cry, he wants to scream, and he just wants it all to stop! And when his Psychologist reaches the end of his abilities to comfort Jaejoong, Doctor Park calls in a favor from someone he knows can help.
A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is. At first it was a one shot, than it could have been a twoshot, but then it could be the start of a chapter fic. Honestly, I have too much going on to start another one of those. So for now, this is a stand alone oneshot. /shrugs/ Maybe it's the start of a series, or maybe is just a random post. You know as much as I do.

( Good boy. )
Tags: author: f, genre: general, length: oneshot, rating: pg13, with: yoochun
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