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[Poem] Sane Among The Masses

Title: Sane Among The Masses
POV: Changmin
Inspiration: Post Lawsuit. I wrote this after reading Pazz-And-Jop's, Beautiful Evil where Changmin tweets to his hyungs.
StarCandy 100 Words Challenge Prompt #52: Twitter

Author's Note: I had a phase where I was writing poetry through the members eyes and this was one of them. As I was looking through the prompts, I saw "Twitter" and it wasn't a prompt I would've liked to write a fic out of because it would've ended up being full of chats and I don't like reading those kinds of fics. Then I remembered that I wrote a poem relating to Twitter. Although when I first wrote this poem, it was meant to be Changmin's feelings towards JYJ as a whole and not just one member. But you can pretend that it's towards Jae. =)

Read poem here
Tags: author: m, length: poem, starcandy challenge : words
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