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Stranger - Part 1/2

Title: Stranger
Author: yoojiyool
Pairing: MinJae
Genre: romance, smut
Length: 1/2
Rating: R
Translator: fonsa76

Summary: They accidently met. And Jaejoong couldn’t help but surrendering unreservedly to Changmin’s tantalizing kiss.

a/n: errr, i think it's gonna be a pwp,,*pout* my first minjae fic,,

And Jaejoong hated himself more for not being able to turn down that boy’s request. He slumped back in the bench, trying hard to make himself as comfortable as he imagined he could despite the awkwardness he felt for having that stranger seating next to him.
Tags: author: y, genre: romance, genre: smut, length: chaptered, rating: r

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