dreaming_col (dreaming_col) wrote in _starcandy,

[challenge fic] Never Still in Darkness

Title: Never Still in Darkness (Part 1/?)
Rating: R
Genre: AU, horror, (dark) fantasy, sci-fi
Prompt: #15: Supernatural
Notes: Crossover with Supernatural. Yes, the tv show. Yes, I took the prompt quite literally. >_> Also an AU of my own AU, DBtT/GBtR. Is that even legal? Whatever, there it is. Mostly just taking the Changmin from the 'verse and building a new story around him. And for those of you who don't read that fic... it really shouldn't matter. This universe will be different enough that I'll cover the history and all that again. Takes place sometime during S2 of the show. I've never written Supernatural!fic before, so hopefully I do justice to the guys... :/ And finally, I am starting this fic only with the idea that I want super-powered!Min to meet Sam and Dean. I have nothing else to go on, thus I have no idea where this fic is going. Bear with me. (And, hopefully, enjoy the ride.) ^_^
Word Count: 4,440
Summary: Changmin and Jaejoong are good hunters, and there aren't many things they can't kill one way or another. When they run into one of the rare exceptions to that rule, they're forced to seek help from an outside source. The Winchesters aren't sure how much help they'll be, but they're always up for an interesting challenge. And this case is nothing if not interesting.
Warnings: some scenes of torture, platonic!JaeMin

Now if only they could get Dean and Jaejoong to stop shooting each other death glares...
Tags: author: d, genre: alternate universe, genre: crossover, genre: horror, genre: science-fiction, length: chaptered, rating: r

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