Pretentious McBoobies (lightly) wrote in _starcandy,
Pretentious McBoobies

The _starcandy challenge: participants

This is the list of participants, you can find the links to their masterlists here.


★ username ★ started ★ type ★ masterlist
devilaugh 13/01/2013 100 words
dooyoo 12/01/2013 50 words
mizoboo 13/01/2013 50 words
dreaming_col 17/01/2013 100 words
lightly 18/01/2013 50 inspirations
dyaus_screaming 21/01/2013 100 words
jaedreamers 26/03/2013 100 words
rivimiera 25/03/2013 100 words
cookeyiesu 04/04/2013 50 words
a_sordid_affair 21/04/2013 100 words
miri_uchiha 15/05/2013 50 words
starmocha 15/07/2013 50 words
monologuewishes 10/08/2014 50 inspirations
renleon 15/01/2014 100 inspirations

Tags: ! starcandy challenge, starcandy challenge : participants

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