Pretentious McBoobies (lightly) wrote in _starcandy,
Pretentious McBoobies

The _starcandy challenge

Hello dear members! We {the mods} would like to introduce you to the _starcandy community challenge. Some of you might have seen other community challenges out and about, but ours is slightly different.

Interested? Want to know more? Click on the cut and let us tell you all about it.

The _starcandy 100 (or 50) challenge is created and brought to you by your mods ~ dorkii_simba, haizul, jyllchan, and lightly with special guest dooyoo.

The challenge is open to fanworks of all kinds. ~ Fanfiction. Fanart. Fanvids. Fanmixes. Graphics. Icons ~ If it is in you to create it then it is welcome here.

You can do any combination of media: just fic, just graphics, just icons (etc) or a combination of all of them or just some of them.

Guidelines for the challenge;

★ Each entry must follow the rules of the community as far as posting goes. You can find the rules in the community userinfo

★ No combining prompts. Each entry must fill one prompt and one only.

★ You don't have to fill each prompt in order. Do whichever one you like whenever you feel like doing it

★ You can interpret the prompts however you like. The inspiration prompts don't have to be taken literally, you can take a scene, a word, a rhyme, a feeling the prompt gives you and follow it wherever your inspiration takes you.

★ There is no time limit for the challenge. Take as long as you like or finish it as quickly as you can, it's all up to you.

★ If you decide to write a chaptered fic using all of the prompts, then each chapter must fill one prompt. Again, you can use the prompts in whichever order you like.

What counts as prompt fill?

★ A fic of 500 words or more. There is no maximum length

★ One graphic

★ Five icons

★ One fanvid

★ One piece of fanart

★ One fanmix

If doing a fanwork not on this list then use your own discretion about how much work is appropriate for one fill.

Ok, so (hopefully) you want to sign up. Yay! This is how you do that;

{Step One} Decide on the type of your challenge. You have two choices ~ Words or Inspirations ~ so choose wisely :)

{Step Two} Decide on the size of your challenge. Again you have two choices ~ 50 or 100 ~ so choose wisely :)

{Step Three} Once you have made your decisions, comment to this post using the sign up form provided, make sure to fill out all the information.

And that's it, you are good to go. Your name will be added to the master list of participants, but you don't have to wait for a mod to approve you - just take the code for your prompt table and get creating the Jaemin goodness.

You don't have yo use the format of the tables and the code provided, feel free to arrange your masterlist however you like.

I've finished, now what?

★ YAY! Congrats!

If you finish you not only get the bragging rights that you created 100 (or 50) Jaemin things , but you also get a banner to prove your absolute awesomeness.

...And after you have finished one you can totally sign up for another one if you wanted. There are 300 different prompts here for you to go wild with.

We hope you will participate with up in this and we look forward to whatever goodies you wonderfully talented people create.

There is no time limit for this challenge. You can sign up when you want to and finish it when you want to, take as long as you like or finish it all in one huge big go. It's all up to you :)

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