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Infect Me With Your Love [1/?]

Title: Infect Me With Your Love
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: JaeMin (JaejoongxChangmin)
Warnings: Smut within later chapters and some physical violence.
Summary: Jaejoong is an average citizen living within Seoul. He's gone through the phases of growing up and becoming part of the everyday community throughout life. After having spent three years with his high school friend, Jung Yunho, Jaejoong set his eyes on something more than just a friendship. Unfortunately he was rejected, and one young man won't allow it. He goes by the name of Shim Changmin, and he's had his eyes locked on Jaejoong since the lad's senior year in high school. He's become like a demon in the night, prowling around and waiting for the right moment to strike. After seeing him wandering about the streets on one snowy morning, Changmin does something that Jaejoong, the man who never even noticed him, won't forget.
A/N: Nothing really to say here...

It was such a hard decision. Should he? Or should he not?

The snow beneath Jaejoong's feet made a loud crunching sound with every step he took along the busy sidewalks of Seoul. He wore a simple, long black trench coat and a white scarf to help keep him somewhat protected from the frigid winter air. His hands were shoved into his pockets, his head low as he continued to wander around aimlessly.

It’s been four years since you’ve seen him. Just give him a damn call and at least check up on him.

Still Jaejoong had no intention to listen to his inner conscience. He didn’t have to waste his time as an attorney to worry over such petty matters that regarded his old friend. And besides, if Yunho had been a true friend as he so claimed to be, he would have called first once in a while instead of forcing Jaejoong to so. It was ridiculous. The bastard left everything up to Jaejoong. When there came to be a problem, Jaejoong was always the one to blame. Whenever something bad happened in his personal life, Jaejoong was the go-to person for comfort. The son of a bitch never once did anything in return.

Call him, Jaejoong. See what he’s been doing after all this time. You shouldn’t let the chance go to waste.

Waste? Jaejoong had already wasted his time during his sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school. The man was a real low down drag. Nobody knew him the way Jaejoong did. Hell, they even went traipsing around the campus daily after school just to keep from doing homework right away. Day after day they would sit together in the cafeteria with their lunches, go out on the weekends…everything. Unfortunately, Jaejoong found that it was all pathetic, useless deceptions. He’d learned one thing after becoming so vulnerable around the man. Vulnerability makes you worthless; it makes you equally as pathetic as those who let themselves be led by nonexistent emotions. It’s what makes you fade into nothing.

Do it, Jaejoong. You know he’s worried about you. Just give him a call even if it’s just to say ‘hello’.

The raven scoffed bitterly at his own memory, his obsidian eyes casting nothing but an icy stare upon the snow covered pavement. He’d learned his lesson all too well on that one day. The day he decided to so foolishly confess his love for Yunho was the day he found out the truth hidden behind his glass mask of lies. They were all nothing but childish falsehoods that led Jaejoong to be the distant and cold person he is. Face it. Jaejoong was and still is a beauty. He was one of the top students in his class. He was very well rounded with his academic and extracurricular activities such as things like forensics or maybe a musical instrument such as the piano. People had envied him in school, and he was often isolated because people considered him as just too perfect. It was ridiculous, and he was a fool for believing the bastard even for a minute.

Call him. He’ll be happy to hear from you after four years…

The man heaved a sigh as he rounded a corner, halting in his place upon hearing that voice. He couldn’t imagine the man being at a Starbucks at a time like this. Apparently, it was no lie either. Leaning against the outside wall of the café stood none other than that bastard. He was casually talking on his phone. Perhaps it was with someone he worked with. Yunho also had a job now as a surgeon, and he had many colleagues with whom he worked alongside.

He’s there, Jaejoong. He’s right there. Can’t you see? He has not changed a bit after all this time. He looks the same as he had before. Go up and speak to him. He’ll be glad to see you…

Should he go up and speak to him? Or should he keep his distance as Yunho had for the last four years? He sighed and was about to turn and walk away until he heard the call of his name.

“Jaejoong, is that you?” Yunho's voice rang loud and clear within the raven’s ears. “My dear Jaejoong, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you!”

Jaejoong inwardly cringed at the cheeriness embedded within the taller man’s voice. He was just fooling with him again. It was nothing but another mask the man had put over himself to seem the perfect guy. He had to admit, though, that Yunho was handsome and well mannered. Who wouldn’t mistake him as some type of saint? But this was something he couldn’t run from. Yunho spotted him, and now he hadn’t the choice but to confront him. He inhaled a large breath of air and then exhaled deeply, putting on a most convincing smile as he turned to face the man.

“It’s been far too long, Yunho-ssi. How have you been?” The tone of voice he used to refer to Yunho in a friendly way just sickened him. Why he had to deal with an incompetent moron was beyond his own imaginings, but he still tried to make it seem like he was being polite. Or trying to at the very least…

A low chuckle was emitted from the taller male’s lips. It was a sound Jaejoong hated. And then on top of it, the man just had to speak up. “You’re really asking such a ridiculous question after four years?” He scoffed and put on that fake smile of his. Jaejoong was tempted to ball his fist and knock the man upside the head to wipe it off. Seriously, who did this bastard think he was? And then he spoke again. Can’t this man just walk away as he did four years ago and leave it at that? “I guess you could say I’ve been doing well with my life. As you already know, I’m one of the top surgeons in the country.”

Jaejoong forced a laugh. The man sounded so conceited. It was ridiculous. Really…it was utterly ridiculous. He kept on talking too. God, did he ever stop? “It was just four years ago I got my degree. It was around the same time I met my girlfriend. What about you though? I’ve heard that you’ve become one of the best law attorneys in our country. I’ve been called for jury duty several times and you were always there defending your clients. I guess you never noticed me though. I’ve always been meaning to speak to you.”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes at the irony of what Yunho had just said. Yeah, and I’ve wanted to speak to you for the past four years, but look at what you did. You brushed me off intentionally as I had done unintentionally. The raven sighed and let out a short laugh. Yunho was just so fake. After he’d acquired a job that paid him a decent amount of money, he had just gone downhill. However, Jaejoong knew that under that perfection and charm was hidden a secret slob. He just knew.

Yunho blinked when he got no response. Luckily, for Jaejoong, the man’s phone went off. It was an important call from his precious girlfriend. Jaejoong heard the change in the tone of voice. And that’s when he took his chance to leave. Turning on his heels, he made a rush down to the corner and crossed the intersection at the crosswalk. He didn’t know where he was heading now. All he knew is that he needed to get away from that damn bastard.

Just forget about it, Jaejoong. You didn’t really see him. Just act as though you saw nothing, and everything should be fine…

If only he could say that literally. A long, frustrated sigh escaped his lips as he rounded a corner onto one of the smaller streets. It wasn’t as busy. In fact, it was quiet. It was the perfect atmosphere for him. He could do all but think when he heard a voice behind him.

“Hello, Jaejoong…”

The raven beauty whirled around to see who it was that said his name. At first, he thought Yunho followed him, but his considerations about the fact were short-lived when he eyes the tall man before him. He wore a trench coat as Jaejoong had, only his was grey. He had a thick head of long, dark brown hair that hung down to his shoulders. Jaejoong was stunned. The man had a darker complexion than most people he’d seen, yet he thought it beautiful in a way. The thing that had caught his eye though was that piercing gaze through his dark, hazel colored eyes. He looked so familiar, and yet, he couldn’t seem to lay a finger on it. That’s when he heard the man chuckle and speak up again.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you remember me?” The man questioned. He stepped forward again, taking Jaejoong's wrist and pinning him to the brick wall that resided behind him. He stared deeply into the raven’s eyes as he said, “Do you not remember the name of Shim Changmin?”

Jaejoong froze almost as soon as that name had been spoken. Changmin? Wasn’t that the name of… No, this is impossible. This can’t be him… Unfortunately, Jaejoong's thoughts were all lies. Standing in front of him was the kid from his junior and senior years. He was usually quiet and usually went unnoticed to Jaejoong. How could a kid so cute and innocent looking change into such a handsome yet mysterious man?

Changmin placed his index and middle fingers under the raven's chin and lifted his head to meet his piercing gaze. He leaned in toward Jaejoong as if he had meant to kiss him. He could sense how the smaller male tensed up upon his own realization.

"Oh, Jaejoong..." The tall man chuckled lowly as he stared into the beauty's eyes. "I don't want to hurt you."

With such words said, Changmin leaned in and pressed his lips against Jaejoong's. His soft lips were cold but somehow comforting against the raven's. One of the younger's hands held his side while the other still rested firmly against the wall. He felt the electricity running through and touching every nerve ending within his body. Jaejoong's lips felt so right against his. It was almost as if they were two puzzle pieces molded in with each other to fit perfectly.

Jaejoong was stunned. He was almost tempted to push the younger lad away, but something prevented him from doing so. What was this sudden feeling in the pit of his stomach? it couldn't be! Jaejoong found himself reaching a hand upward to cup the man's cheek while the other rested on one of his broad shoulders. The kiss felt amazing—better than what he had ever dreamed his first kiss would be like. Sadly, his legs lost their balance and he slowly slid down the wall.

Really? He felt irritated. Did he really have to ruin such a perfect moment just because of weak legs? He thought about it briefly until he realized that Changmin was bending down with him, refusing to let the kiss end. The taller male was kneeling over him now in a possessive manner.

Jaejoong pushed on the man's chest and pulled away from his intoxicating lips. "Changmin..." he breathed out, but he felt the man's index finger over his lips as a way to silence him.

Changmin stared into Jaejoong's eyes again, absorbing them into his own. His eyes had changed from that cold, harsh hazel color to a melty chocolate brown. His breaths were low and warm against the other's pale flesh. He gently sat over Jaejoong and kissed him again. Softer. Slower. Hotter. He traced along the raven's lips with his tongue and lightly brushed his lips against his own.

After a few moments, he pulled away. "Jaejoong, I can stay no longer." His eyes turned back to that cold, harsh stare again. Changmin stood up and took Jaejoong's hand into his own. The contrast of his cold skin against Jaejoong's warm flesh was so intoxicating to him. He wanted to stay longer, but he knew he couldn't. "I've come to tell you something, Jaejoong," he spoke up once more as he leaned down toward the raven's ear, his lips barely brushing along his sensitive skin. "I will have you, Kim Jaejoong. I do not know the extent as to how far I will go. But I will make you mine." Having said such words, he pulled back, turning on his heels and disappearing down the snowy sidewalks.

The raven sighed, placing a hand over his chest to feel the pounding of his heart. "Changmin..."

Preview // Next(coming soon!)
Tags: author: c, genre: drama, genre: romance, genre: smut, length: chaptered, rating: nc17, rating: pg13, rating: r, with: junsu, with: yoochun, with: yunho
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