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[MOD POST] The _starcandy 2012 Christmas challenge: Secret Santa!

Hello dear members, we [the mods] would like to present to you and invite you to join the _starcandy Secret Santa!

sign ups open = 6th october
sign ups close = 26th october
Sign ups closed
assignments sent = 28th october assignments sent
check in date = november 30th
dropout date (with no penalties) = november 30th
deadline = december 17th
posting starts = december 23rd

Want to take part? Click the cut.

Please read everything carefully.

★ About ★

A Secret Santa exchange is where you sign up to write a fic for someone else, and someone else will write a fic for you. All you have to do is fill out the sign up form at the end of this post, fill out all the information and please remember to be specific with what you do and do not want. All participants will remain anonymous until the big reveals at the end of the challenge, you will only know who you are writing a fic for, you will not know who is writing the fic for you.

All fics will be posted by the mod account, modofstarcandy. Who wrote what will be revealed one week after all the fics have been posted. After that date authors are free to re post their fics wherever they want.

★ Taking part ★

★ Fics must be written in English.

★ There is a minimum word count of 2000 words, this is so that the recipient gets a decent length fic, you will have a month and a half to write it in. There is no limit as to how long it can be :)

★ The fics must be completed and sent by the deadline of 17th Dec.

★ Please only use minimal HTML in your fic.

★ Fics must be sent as an attached file to the mods email address ( You can send it as either a .txt or .doc file, but only those please. Deadline for fics to be sent is 11:59 GMT (that's English time) 17th December.

★ It would be preferable if you have someone beta read your fic before sending it to us, if you don't have a beta and don't want to ask someone tell the mods and we will look it over for you.

★ The mods will assign the writers with their prompts and send out those assignments out on the 2nd Nov. You will receive your assignment via your preferred method of contact. Writing can begin as soon as you receive your assignment.

Please note that this is a hate free zone, anyone or any prompt hating on any of the DBSK members, or any other persons will be banned.

★ What does no penalties mean? ★

You have until the 30th Nov to drop out of the challenge without incurring a penalty. You must inform a mod on or before this date if you need to drop out. We will be sad, but we will understand, things do happen. Giving us enough warning will give us time to arrange a pinch hitter. If you drop out after this date and you tell a mod about it, you will receive one penalty. Much like the three strike rule, a penalty will be one strike against you when it comes to further challenges. Three strikes and you are banned from participating in any more for a while. If you drop out with no contact all, then you will be banned from participating in the next challenge.

★ Please include the following information in your fic header or email when you send it to us ★

Put your LJ username in the subject of your email along with "Starcandy Secret Santa"

★ Sign up form! ★

Copy and paste the text in the form below into a comment and fill out all the information required. Be specific and give as much detail as possible, that way you are more likely to get exactly what you want in your fic. Try to give more than one promt in order to give your writer more scope and choice and inspiration.

★ What's a pinch hitter? ★

If someone drops out of the exchange that leaves another person without a fic. A pinch hitter is someone who will write that missing fic.

Comment if you have any questions, or PM a mod.

Sign up comments will be screened, all others will be unscreened so we can reply to them.
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